POP-UP gallery Brussels

Eikstraat 27 1000, Brussells

Pop-up-gallery ' invisible streaming ' is located in the center of Brussels very near to Manneken Pis,and showing the artistic work of Nancy Van Wichelen, Wim Adriaenssens and Honza Hlobil.

Typical for the work of Nancy is the emotional expression, which she tends to purify in a semi-abstract way to show us that there is more than the flesh to be a human being. She leads us in a very subtle way to the 'inner human being'.

As a painter, Wim is a figurative painter, but knows how to use his materials in an almost abstract way, by looking at, for example, the ‘’gestes‘’ of Alechinsky, using the possibilities of his arm and body to paint. Wim’s material research brought him in touch with Venetian Terpentine, an almost forgotten product to use with oil paint which he re-values in his work in a complete new way: not only as a medium , but as an independent ingredient.

Because of the use of this specific technique , his paintings are filled with energy and movement. An energy which he canalizes to express different feelings of a (male) body.

Honza Hlobil is an autodidact. Honza started painting a couple of years ago, but soon discovered his sensitivity towards the canvas. He makes his 'stream of thoughts' clear by the use of intuitive painting, dripping and lyric-poetic 'doodles', which are a xenogamy of the rawness of expressionism, the poetry of Miro and the power of Chinese calligraphy.

Nancy Van Wichelen - 60 x 120 cm, oil on canvas
Earth in war - 100 x 100 cm, mixed media on canvas
Nancy Van Wichelen
Wildlife in the jungle - 100 x 100 cm, acryl, lacquer on canvas
Streaming energies - 90 x 250 cm (5 paintings), acryl, lacquer on canvas on wood