1st June - 28th August - (In)Visible Streaming Brussels

In this exhibiton, we are connecting the two different worlds of abstract and figurative art. When you look at the works of ours hanging next to each other it is like you see the streams of thoughts and feelings of the men. We have organized a pop-up-gallery in Brussels which was very successful, and recently moved to a new location. In the near future, we have plans to move the pop-up-gallery to Salzburg, Florence, Berlin…

Currently, we started to take our collaboration one step further: a fusion of 2 artist’s views: working together on 1 painting. This results in a fusion between Honza’s abstract views and Wim’s realism.

Wim Adriaenssens

Born 04-03-1968

Wim Adriaenssens studied textile design, fashion design and interior architecture. After his studies, he started his own design studio ‘’AWA’’. He designs clothes and furniture with an own identity, but his most individual work are his paintings. Wim Adriaenssens paints with techniques which are not common nowadays, and does a lot of research trying to find the right materials, used in the past (mostly 17 th and 18 th century), to become his very own modern signature.

Wim Adriaenssens works in series. They can sometimes last for several years, sometimes a couple of months. He finds his inspiration in people, music, etc.. and is fascinated by painting models and portraits. Due to his very own touch, his paintings look very energetic and lively. Parts of the canvas are left blanc, because the blanc parts are as important as the painted ones. Wim Adriaenssens is very interested in Chinese painting techniques and philosophy.

Honza Hlobil

Born 01-07-1992
+420 736 711 749

HONZA HLOBIL is an autodidact. Honza started painting a couple of years ago, but soon discovered his sensibility towards the canvas. He makes his ‘stream of thoughts’ clear by the use of intuitive action painting, dripping, and his more lyric-poetic ‘doodles’, which are a xenogamy of the rawness of expressionism, the poetry of Miro and the power of Chinese calligraphy.

Honza is inspired by contrasts in life, in people, in nature. This you can see in his works where he combines sharp shapes and lines with blury backgrounds or splashes. In his paintings he uses contrast colours, contrast of raw and fine materials.

Honza paints with acrylic paint, because the fast drying allows him to work intuitive. He also tries to discover new structures in the paint by working with different materials and new ways of bringing the paint on to the canvas. His goal is to create a stream of energy on the canvas.

Wim Adriaenssens - Free fall, oil, enamel on canvas, 100 x 150 cm
Laughter - oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm